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Valerie De Vuyst

My name is Valérie De Vuyst and I am a Shiatsu practitioner and instructor. As a Belgian citizen, I spend most of my life abroad. The international context encourages me to study as a translator in Brussels.

After my university studies, I worked for 12 years in Belgium in international trade companies. My diversified cultural experiences and my grandfather being a doctor specialized in homeopathy and osteopathy, open my mind to personal development research and alternative medicine.

In 2002, I moved with my family to southern Spain, in the province of Malaga. It was an enriching experience in all respects. It is here that I discover a path to well-being through the harmony of the body and the openness of the heart. I meet a Spanish instructor and a Japanese shiatsu Master who share with me wholeheartedly their passion for this technique.

In 2004, I study shiatsu for 4 years at the Japanese School of Shiatsu, where I also learn Sotai techniques. I am accredited by this internationally renowned school and recognized by Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo. I get the title of shiatsu instructor from the Namikoshi Shiatsu Europa.

I train simultaneously in several other disciplines of touch (Reiki, Harmonization with Tibetan singing bowls, Touch for health, Kinesio tape, Seiki, EFT, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture, Reflexology).

In addition, I take part in seminars and congresses in Spain and elsewhere for my continuing training in various techniques of traditional care complementary to shiatsu for the purpose of research and further training.

From now on, I devote my professional life to the practice and training of this discipline. My goal is to share my experience through teaching in order to disseminate shiatsu and help people who consult me for care sessions to acquire or maintain an optimal level of health.

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My Business

  • Sessions of Shiatsu, therapeutic and well-being
  • Shiatsu instructor (Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu and Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe)
  • Shiatsu Professional Training Course
  • Various workshops of 8 to 60 hours duration in shiatsu (initiation, pregnant woman, autoshiatsu, etc.)

My Main Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in translation (French-English-Spanish)
  • Shiatsu Namikoshi professional since 2004
  • Juku Shiatsupractor® since 2008
  • Shiatsu instructor since 2008
  • Member of the Shiatsu Namikoshi Europa
  • Chinese Traditional Medicine in Cinco Elementos in Granada (2016-2020)