“Shiatsu duo”! That sounds good! It sounds like a musical massage, but what else?

The four-hands massage is a choreography of fluid, gentle and precise gestures, made with rhythm and in a coordinated way to offer an absolute moment of relaxation that can be felt with each fiber of the body.

It is an experience of softness, energy and incredible connection, which leads the person to find the path of serenity.

It transmits new sensations for total well-being.

It promotes the connection between the mind and the heart in the depths of being.

Two specialists take care of the same person: we are a woman and a man transmitting in unison the male and female energies to the receiver. The intention is to break the mental control and cause surrender without resistance to the flow of movement.

In this dance, we invite the client to a space where touch and movement are sometimes fully synchronized, and others where there is no notion of linear sequence or predictable structure. Soft pressures, sometimes stronger, with skill in relation to constraints.

In this encounter, the receiver can only yield control of the body and surrender to experience, entering a state of internal listening and concentration in the sense of touch and bodily sensations, where contained emotions can emerge, be ignored or avoided. This is an opportunity to pay attention to them as part of the supportive relationship that is developed between client and therapists.

Thus, during the session intervals of harmony between the two therapists are possible, where each is the complement of the other in cadence, and others incite chaos, intentionally aimed at breaking the mental control of the situation and causing surrender without resistance to the flow of contact and movement, producing great well-being for the receiver.

It looks like a dance that starts slowly and ends in an explosion, in which the limbic system induces deep relaxation…

The Shiatsu duo is also an energy duo.

The emphasis on the contact of movement and the force of physical sensations from two origins arouse absolute abandonment in the person who receives it.

Four hands mobilize, stimulate or relax the energy of the body with more intensity, evoking absolute dedication, a pleasant journey, which connects the person to his own source of physical, emotional and spiritual energy, and awakens its own resources to get the best out of it.

From this state, an awareness of the state of the body can arise and at the same time a natural regulation of the body, which gives a feeling of deep rest, clarity of mind, emotional balance and vitality. The body is, again, simply being.

This is the great magic of Shiatsu. The touch that seduces, relaxes, warms up and goes far beyond the skin. It speaks directly to the heart, to the essence of the one who experiences it

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