Once we leave our mother’s womb, we spend our lives trying to replicate this state of perfect well-being in which we developed. We reject pain, suffering, cold, ugly, dark, sick, unpleasant… However, what we achieve, in an endless search of comfort, is to restrict our ability to fully feel the entire sensory range with which we were created.

The body falls asleep, becomes delicate, and gets caught in a vicious circle of comfortable habits where nothing changes.

There is that pain generated by repeating harmful patterns and wrong ideas of movements and behaviors, and then there is that other pain, ephemeral but heart-breaking, engendered when we leave the state of comfort, when we decide to challenge our own limits, beliefs and resistance, which leads to a glimmer of light. That state is called body consciousness.

Our body, the vehicle that carries our soul, is not delicate, is not diagnosed, it is not only acute and chronic pain.

We just need to accept the pain, stop struggling with it, find the “what for?”, act, take care of ourselves. We are the only artists responsible for our own healing.

In order to see ourselves, to see our own light, we need to look within.

Every day, our mission is to give ourselves quality of life.

Shiatsu will help you open the doors of your consciousness.

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